HR Development

In product development you need creative brains. That is clear.

In many cases developers concentrate on the technical issues of a project. Questions like

  • how to achieve the objectives of a project most efficient or with limited ressources
  • how to schedule the steps of a project to obtain the objectives successful
  • which further, non-technical issues are to be considered

are getting in the background. However particularly these questions are decisive to ensure efficiency in product development.

Not to be euphemistic: In some cases negative experiences with systems and methods exists and sometimes unexpressed fears subsist.

Our approach in HR development is a training of people about efficiency methods, to train application of this methods with them and to show them by case studies, how these methods increased efficiency. Typically this way leads to convincing people and results in first projects being done by the trained persons on themselves with an assistance from our side.

Of course this kind of training can also be done discreet in separate locations or after typical office hours.