Fund Raising for product development

Product development needs money. In many cases it is difficult to take the decision for a development project as the risks behind it are known. Then for budget reasons decisions are taken for smaller and less risky projects. However the impact of such projects on the market is often not powerful or sutainable enough. Too often a succeeding project has to be started which consumes capacities and causes additional costs - in the worst case this gets necessary before the preceeding project achieves return on investment.

Are you aware that particularly risky projects can get funded?

Quite often new funding programmes are released by goverments which are mainly focused on small and medium sized companies. The importance of this kind of companies is clearly identified. In many cases companies simply have to prove, that the funding is used within the applied project. Moreover most fundings do not need to be payed back.

eff² dr. klaus moll collected several successes in fund raising and has always an extensive overview about actual funding programmes. eff² dr. klaus moll is pleased to represent your company to receive a funding for your project.

Our range of support in this area:

  • Consulting service about funding possibilities for projects
  • Consulting and research about matching funding programmes
  • Complete application for a funding for your project including the administration work until final decision
  • Consulting service during the running project