Project Management

Management of a project can be demanding. Using methods for project management simplifies substantially this task and allows to focus on the real project topics. One further task is the realistic determination of the project steps in advance.

As it is demanding to define the logics of a project this is often neglected. In our perception this efforts which are invested in the early stage of a project have a high pay back. A planning of milestones and tasks and its visualization are an important basis to communicate the project planning.

Not only planning is important, but also the precise and pragmatic follow up of a project to determine deviations as soon as possible and to define counter measures.

We introduce a simple but powerful method of project management and support you in planning your projects and following them up. We put particular weight on transferring this knowledge to your employees and to let them learn the methods of project management in daily work after an initial training.

Of course we also offer this kind of trainings independent from doing a development project in your company.