Product Development Process PDP

Do you know this situation? All participants think that they have a common sense about the product which is under development. Annoying planning tasks are not done or ignored as everybody wants to start immediately with project and development work.

New participants have to be integrated in the project and this costs more efforts than thought, particularly as no documentation is available. Suddenly more disadvantages of the followed product concept get visible as determined during its definition. The necessary iteration slows down the project and increases costs. Furthermore internal discussions about the project cannot be brought to an end and quality problems occur. In the worst case the project has to be terminated.

This description seems to be dramatic, but exactly this happens unbelievable often.

By planning and introducing a Product Development Process which meets exactly your individual needs we help you avoiding this kind of situation. This process improves the efficiency of your activies in product development significantly - particularly as project participants can fully concentrate on the real development topics of the project. Quality Management methods are an integral part of theProduct Development Process.

We offer consultance and support to define your adjusted product development process. We also support the introduction of this process to bring it fully alive and to achieve long lasting improvements in efficiency. Selected indicators allow to monitor the performance of the process and to optimize it.