Many product ranges are complex. An increasing share of individualized solutions of products extends the product portfolio. It gets more and more difficult to keep all variants under control and the amount of parts in the ERP system increases.

This situation leads to decreasing amounts per unit and increased efforts per unit; direct and indirect costs increase. In many cases a diversification of the product programme is the starting point for this situation.

A modular design of your product portfolio avoids this situation. Furthermore it reduces risks as further development rely on already tested modules.

We follow the way to determine similar functions of your products and deliver concepts for a modular design of your products.

We offer consultance and support during the design process of the modules and introduce them with your team in your company. Furthermore Modularity is an integral part of Lean Development; introduction of Modularity might therefore be an initial step to Lean Development.

We also offer tailor made trainings about design methods for modular products.