Lean Development

No other approach to improve efficiency in product development is discussed as intensive as Lean Development.

The initial idea came from Japan and had its root in Japan. As with Lean Production Lean Development is based on priciples which achieve sustainable improvements of efficiency. In parallel the quality of product development is improved.

Unfortunately lean methods are often understood as a tool to eliminate jobs. We clearly state that this cannot be the background of Lean Development. Moreover we see in Lean Development a set of instruments which improves efficiency and allows to execute an increased number of projects - in our understanding this is a promising approach to remain competitive in global competition.

Lean Development needs a cultural change - however it is not a completely new development. Several overlappings exist with instruments of quality management and efficiency improvement. An implementation of Lean Development might start from this already used methods as an incubator.

We are experts in the field of Lean Development and know several approaches. We start a Lean Development with an initial analysis of already used instruments. Based on this we elaborate a process for a step-by-step introduction of Lean Development and train you employees in pilot projects.

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