eff² dr. klaus moll offers services in several branches.

Methods of product development are applicable in several branches. Nevertheless branch-specific knowledge is necessary to consult and support as efficient as possible.

In following branches we own proven knowledge.


Being active in the area of mobility the automotive sector is our focal point. We look back on several years of experiences in this branch, covering product development, start of production and production on itself. We are closely familiar with development cycles, cost issues and complexity of products and processes.

Industrial Goods

We understand machines and ranges as industrial goods. We collected experiences in single piece developments as well as in the development of series machines. We have broad experiences in the implementation and optimization of product development processes and further efficiency instruments. In this branch we also collected several positive experiences with fund raisings.

Textile Machines

Bigger, faster, better, cheaper, more reliable: If this progression is valid for industrial goods it is a particular case for textile machines. We have thorough knowledge with machines and ranges for spinning preparation, spinning, finishing and making up - and of course with the development of this machines and their textile technologies.

Most textiles come from Asia. For textile machines a close relationship with customers is important. We built product development teams for textile machines in Asia and guided them to a successful cooperation with the euopean headquarters - experiences which we also offer to you.