About us

eff² dr. klaus moll is an enterprise which is specialized on topics around product development and has put effectiveness and efficiency of modern product development in its focus.

The motto of the founder Dr. Klaus Moll is:

Lost time is unrecoverable -
and might be used by competitors for the development
of a successful product.

He looks back on almost 20 years successfull practice in science and industry. His focal point is product development. Already early he recognized that product development is often done without systems - causing that project risks and development time are not under control.

Based on his knowledge he founded eff² dr. klaus moll. There he offers his knowledge to support and strengthen companies for their future in a globalized economy.

Dr. Klaus MollDr. Klaus Moll introduced several times systems for structured and systematic product development and for the management of development projects. With this he accelerated development activities and eliminated project risks. Today this systems are established part of daily life and they are used with success in the companies.

During his industrial occupations in medium sized companies he could generate completely new products with fully new properties which are successful in the market. The key factor for this were his methods for effectiveness and efficiency.

Moll also collected several experiences in cooperation with asian countries and built up global development departments.

In parallel Moll works as a professor at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Ingolstadt. There he founded the Institute for Product Development and R&D-Management. Scientific findings are immediately introduced in consultancy practice of eff².

Mail: klaus.moll[at]eff2.de
Phone: +49 841 9009950
Mobile: +49 152 29221467

Dr. Thomas BinderDr. Thomas Binder collected broad experiences in the areas of mechanical design and calculation methods. Since many years he applies simulation methods, particularly in the area of drive trains. Furthermore Dr. Binder is specialized on Product Data Management systems and their interactions with CAD systems in variant rich applications. In this field he also gained broad industrial experiences and knows it from the user's point of view. He started his activities with eff² dr. klaus moll in 2012.

After more than 20 years in science and industry Dr. Binder also forwards his knowledge to students. He owns an professorship for mechanical design, technical mechanics and CA methods at the Technical University of Applied Sciences in Ingolstadt.

Mail: thomas.binder[at]eff2.de
Phone: +49 841 9009950
Mobile: +49 176 1911 6103

Interkulturelle Trainings für China | Intercultural Trainings for ChinaJing Chen is focused on intercultural issues. She grew up in China and studied intercultural issues there. Since 2008 she is active in Germany and studied in parallel economics.

In the area of economical cultures she collected thorough experiences. Since 2013 Jing Chen is active with eff² dr. klaus moll. She supports in cooperations with international teams and conducts chinese-german intercultural trainings. Jing Chen is also available for OnSpotCoachings.

Mail: jing.chen[at]eff2.de
Tel.: +49 841 9009950