eff² dr. klaus moll has a central motto: Lost time is unrecoverable - and might been used successfully by your competitor.

eff² dr. klaus moll in Ingolstadt.

Efficiency equals the relation of earnings to efforts - also in product development.

Effectiveness means: Do the right things - we support in defining your product strategy.

Effectiveness: Product Strategy

Being effective means to have a STRATEGY.

What do we have to do to achieve the leading position in the market? How can we extend our position in the market? What is our reaction to decreasing prices? Is it possible to achieve technical leadership or cost leadership?

Most probably you asked yourself this questions already.

See how we support you in finding the appropriate answers.

Effectiveness means: Do the right things.


Being efficient means to utilize SYSTEMS and METHODS.

Many projects fail even if the followed objectives are right.

What happens if you have to terminate a project due to lack of success, but your competitor used this time to conduct a successful project? Lost time is unrecoverable. Therefore an efficient processing of a development project is a successive factor.

Efficiency means: Do things right.

Fund Raising

Quite often big ideas cannot get realized as necessary financial ressources are not available.

In many cases fundings can be utilized which reduce your development costs or just allow to conduct your projects. Many companies do not use this possibilities as they are afraid of the administrative work to apply for a funding or as they do not have experiences with this kind of applications.

We are pleased to support you in acquisition of fundings.

HR Consulting

We assist you in searching appropriate managers to lead your development department or single projects based on pronciples of effectiveness and efficiency.

Of course we also offer for applicants support to optimize application letters and for coaching through the application process.

Management ad interim

If necessary we take over the management of your development department or of a devleopment project ad interim. This can be used as a supporting measure to deeply implement methods of effectiveness and efficiency within your organization.

We also offer an active coaching of your development department in this practice.